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Build your Work-Life Balance

Arm Yourself Against the Negative Effects of Stress

Start building stress resilience today with a proven development tool, the ARSENAL™. This is an ideal tool to help improve your physical and mental performance and reduce stress . The ARSENAL Model is based on  7 best practices that are key to resisting the negative effects of stress and building Stress Resilience. ARSENAL™ measures your overall level of stress as well as how well you are doing now in each of the seven Best Practices.

Join us for a 2-hour on-line interactive seminar on work-life balance:

Presenter: Mary McGuiness

Location: interactive, via Zoom

Dates:   1. October 17, 10am-12 noon

             2. November 3, 1-3pm

Fee: $130 per person in group.

Included in the fee: Complete the ARSENAL; receive report.; a 2-hour group feedback session; assistance to develop an action plan; an optional one hour follow up meeting 1-2 months later.

Alternative: Individual feedback session - $220 (1 hour)

To Register:  Contact ITD at  or call 0417661104

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