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Personality Puzzle for Teens

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Product Description

By Sue Blair

Ideal for teens, parents, families, educators or anyone working with youth

The Type for Teens Personality Puzzle cards are ideal for coaching and guidance wherever young people are involved. I personally use them for one-on-one coaching with teens for either a careers conversation or just to help them see their strengths and appreciate diversity amongst their peers and in all other relationships. The rewards are astounding as the penny drops that it is OK to be who they are. The colourful graphics add to the appeal and the novelty of learning without being on-line is now a selling point! In truth what young people want is a conversation with someone who cares. The cards set up an ideal space to do this. The Type for Teens cards are easy to use and the students are quick to learn. 

The Personality Puzzle for Teens Users' Guide:

A full-colour manual on how to use the cards to their maximum potential. It contains:

  • An introduction to the Myers-Briggs theory
  • Coaching questions and activities for each of the preferences
  • Information on Type dynamics
  • A clear explanation on how to work out dominant functions
  • Advice on how to engage different personality types when talking about Type
  • Articles on using the cards with this age group

The Personality Puzzle - Type for Teens
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