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For more than 30 years ITD has been Australia’s leading training organization using Jung’s theory of Psychological Types and related instruments, including the MajorsPTITM and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) instrument.  We continue to provide high quality training and certification in psychological type theory and the application of type theory in such areas as team building, coaching, counselling, stress, education, behaviour management and personality development.

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Ideal resource for introducing clients to type. Packed with information, including 
two pages about each Type! 
Price:  $14. 
Written & published in Australia.

Professional training in 2023:

Majors Personality Type Inventory Certification        

Become certified to purchase this instrument to use with individuals or groups. 
Next Virtual programs: 5 half days or 6 evenings.
1. March 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 & 16. Via Zoom (6.00-9.30pm)
2.. March 6, 7, & 13-15. Via Zoom (9.15am –1.30pm)
3. May 8-10. Location: Sydney (9.00am-5.30pm)
4. June 13, 14, 22, 23, 28 & 29. Via Zoom (7 - 10pm)
5. July 17-18 & 24-26 Via Zoom. (9.15am-1.30pm)
6. August 28-30. Location: Sydney (9.00am-5.30pm)
              Contact ITD for other dates and in-house programs.  __________________________________________________

MajorsPT- Elements  (Step II)  Certification Program

An instrument that identifies the 8 preferences, gives information on    
 16 subscales and identifies blockages to development..                  
Next Virtual programs:    2 half days (9.30am - 1.30pm each day) 
Dates:   (1) April 18-19    and   (2) August 23-24          
Contact ITD for other dates or in-house programs.             _________________________________________

Other training available in 2023, please enquire:  

Using Type theory in Coaching
Using Type theroy in Team Building 
Survival Games Personalities Play
Using Type theory in Counselling 
Stress and Personality Type
An Introduction to the 16 personality Types



Email:   or   call Mary McGuiness on 0417661104.




                          ITD is currently offering LIVE                                             INTERACTIVE TRAINING

                via ZOOM and in-person workshops.

Contact Mary McGuiness at ITD

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