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Mary McGuiness (ENFP) is the Director of the Institute for Type Development (ITD), a national training organisation that was the leading provider of Accreditation in the use of the MBTI® instrument for 22 years and, more recently, the Majors Personality Type InventoryTM. Mary convened Australia's first national conference on Psychological Type, which provided the launching pad for the formation of the Australian Association for Psychological Type (AusAPT). She served on the National Committee of the Australian APT for 10 years, with two years as National President, and was president of the Sydney Chapter for six years.

Mary regularly presents at national and international conferences on personality type. She has been invited as keynote speaker at type conferences in Brussels, Dallas, Wellington and Sydney. In recent years Mary has presented workshops London, Dublin, New York, Burlington (Vermont), Philadelphia, Dallas, Auckland and Wellington, and in many cities across Australia. Mary also presents type theory at conferences for educational organisations, government departments and private companies, and for the Australian military. As well as training, Mary also provides coaching for managers and educators.

Mary has published several books on personality theory including 121 Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Type, My Personality (for children) and You've Got Personality, which has been translated into other languages and has sold more than 140,000 copies.

Prior to working with personality theory Mary taught for 16 years in Sydney high schools and spent one year as an education consultant. Mary also has training in Special Education.

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