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"I have known Mary McGuiness for about 17 years. She was one of the first supporters of my measurement Instruments (Majors PTI, PTE, OEM) in Australia. Her three-decade experience as a trainer for Type professionals is rarely matched on any continent. What is especially important to me, regarding her knowledge of the Majors line of products, is that I have trained and given my blessing to the role-out of her own certification programs. Her 13+ years providing the highest level of training for the Majors product line in Australia make her, in my book, the number one choice for quality educational experience for those who wish to know and use my assessments. Use of my assessments requires considerable knowledge that must include an experiential component demonstrating efficacy in delivering feedback and interpretation. Therefore, this is one of those times that I can wholeheartedly endorse Mary McGuiness and the Institute for Type Development (ITD) as one of the leading training providers in the world tod y."

Mark S. Majors Ph.D



"I consider Mary to be one of, if not, the leading proponent in Australia of the Myers Briggs Type framework. Her depth of knowledge on all aspects of Type and how she has gained this through research, through her experience working in the field and how she tirelessly trains others to administer the framework is a stand out achievement on her part - and certainly is a huge contribution to the learning and development profession. In any presentation or classroom workshop, Mary's passion for her topic and her desire to impart it shines through."

Carol Gay
Senior Learning and Development Consultant
Brisbane City Council, Queensland.



"...One of the best courses I have ever attended. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think it will help me develop as an OD professional and will be a great framework to use to help with professional team building sessions at Staples."

Nicole Hildebrand
Organisational Development Business Partner, Staples Australia.



"Mary is an international leader in her field of type development and valuing individual differences in humans. More than that though, Mary delivers experiential learning better than most; this is the learning that sticks and has lasting impact. I have 20 years of evidence working with Mary that it's her subject matter expertise, coupled with the efficacy of the learning facilitation , that has delivered truly outstanding results for the organisations in which I have worked and used type development to enhance human- to- human communication. Mary's approach is to treat everyone with respect by starting from a place of authentically valuing the unique contribution of all learners in her workshops. This positive stepping off point allows for openness and trust, both essential ingredients for the experiential learning methods Mary employs. For the last 20 years, the influence of Mary's approach has spread across the L&D teams I have led and become the benchmark for how best to deliver type development. Hundreds if not thousands of employees in the public sector have benefited from the Mary's approach."

Vivien Dale
New South Wales TAFE (Technical and Further Education)



"The training was thoroughly riveting and enjoyable and it has definitely helped to increase my knowledge and application of Majors/Personality Type theory. I highly recommend your training to anyone interested in understanding Personality Type and using it in a business context."

Melita Long
Careers Consultant, Melbourne Business School




I found this course very interesting and I enjoyed gaining this new knowledge into Psychological Type. I am unable to offer any improvement suggestions as I found the material and the presentation of such very interesting and the activities kept our group engaged throughout.

I found Mary McGuiness to be extremely knowledgeable in this field and was well equipped to answer a range of questions and was very open and willing to assist myself and the group were needed.

Within the council 'the plan will be to use Type as part of team building and communication improvement style training programs. I can also see the value of Type in relation to coaching and mentoring programs.

Jason Finlayson
Learning Development Officer, Brisbane City Council.



"Thanks for a wonderful day on 10th July. The staff are still buzzing about it and would love to do more, specifically with regards to learning. Can you tell me when you may be able to follow up? ... we can plan further sessions."

Josie Vescio
St Rose Primary School, Collaroy



"Thank you so much for yesterday. The participants enjoyed every minute of your presentation. I couldn't believe that in the (time) you spoke I don't think anyone left to go to the ladies room, so you must have captivated them..."

Robyn Sayers
School Administration Manager, Merrylands High School.



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