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Designing Creative Workshops in Psychological Type

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Product Description

A practical workshop with lots of new idea!. Learn how to deliver creative and effective type training for maximum learning.  In this workshop you will experience numerous exercises that you can use with your clients in individual sessions and in group sessions. This will include activities for basic type workshops and applications workshops such as Communications, Conflict, Teamwork, Learning and Relationships. We will look at how to design workshops for groups of various sizes to suit the needs of your clients. We will focus on particular areas such as communication, teamwork, stress management etc. 

In this course you will:

•  Explore and experience a variety of ways of presenting type theory

•  Learn how to design training to suit different learning styles

•  Learn to design training to match the size, needs and type of any group

•  Receive a workbook of creative ideas for facilitating type training.

Prerequisite:    Knowledge of Jung's Type theory.

Presenter:        Mary McGuiness

Date and Location:   Please enquire

Workshops can be offered in-person or via Zoom.  In-house programs are also available.

Registrations close two weeks before the workshop

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