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Majors Personality Type Elements (Step II)

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Product Description

If you are certified to use the MajorsPTI™ or the MBTI© instrument this is the NEXT STEP!

Based on the 16 Types described by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers, Step II gives a lot more information than Step I reports.

The 15-page Majors Step II report includes results on:

  • the 4 basic scales (E-I, S-N, T-F & J-P)
  • 16 subscales
  • how much the client uses each of the 8 functions
  • Plus, Personality Formation - some specific areas of development and blockages to development. This includes several scales related to Resilience, including the Level of Perseverance, Level of Adaptation and the Believed Ability to Succeed.

The MajorsPT-ETM Certification covers:

  • Administering, interpreting and using the MajorsPT-E
  • Giving feedback to individuals and groups.
  • Using the MajorsPTE results in team building
  • Using the MajorsPTE results in stress management
  • Ethical use of MajorsPT- Elements
  • Resources to use with clients.

A life-long qualification, internationally recognised!

Workshop details:

Prerequisite: Certification in either the MajorsPTI or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument.

Presenter: Mary McGuiness ENFP

Location: MajorsPTE (Step II) are currently offered mostly via ZOOM. These are Interactive workshops and are held as two consecutive half days.  In-person programmes are available and are conducted as one full day. In-house programmes can be conducted via Zoom or Teams.

Dates: If the dates listed do not suit you please contact iTD for alternative dates or in-house programmes.   

Time:  ZOOM courses are held over two consecutive days from 9.30am - 1.30pm each day.   In-person courses are conducted as one full day, 9am-5pm.

Included in the workshop Fee:  Completing the MajorsPTE; a 15-page report; course notes; and resources to use with clients. Also, a Certificate that licenses you to purchase and use the MajorsPTE instrument.

Registration: Please register early so that you can complete the MajorsPTE™ before the workshop. Registrations close one week before the course.

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