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The Generations and Type

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Every generation forms a collective group that shares the same cultural experiences, a similar societal history, the same technology, and a shared attitude toward and reaction against the generation that came before it. These generational connections are powerful lenses for better understanding ourselves and each other. We now have five generations communicating, living and working with each other —  Gen Z, Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists — with unique outlooks, world views, motives and behavioral styles. And we have the newer generations This workshop utilizes Jungian-Myers Briggs type theory as a tool to bridge the gaps the different generations may find separating them.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Examine some news events, music and advertising that contributed to the identity of each generational group
  • Explore how personality type and temperament influence the patterns of behavior in each generation.
  • Experience exercises that use type to facilitate and promote cross-generational communication and understanding.
  • Cronsider how we coud applyi this understanding in the workplace.  

Date and Location:  Currently offered via Zoom over 4 hours. Contact ITD for information. 

Discounta are available for pensioners. In-house workshops.

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