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The Stress Effect by Henry Thompson

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Product Description

The Stress effect reveals the powerful and undermining effects of stress on good decision making-and what
leaders can do about it.

The ability to make sound and timely decisions is the mark of a good leader. In The Stress Effect,
leadership expert Henry L. Thompson argues that stress is often the real culprit behind this leadership
failure: Thompson suggests that stress actually blocks access to your emotional intelligence as well as
your cognitive ability, two critical components in the decision-making process.

This book
•     Shows how stress adversely affects the performance of even the most savvy leaders
•     Reveals the truth about one of the prime factors behind the current failure of leadership
•     Offers a solid prescription for building a "stress resilient system" and arms leaders with best
practices for managing specific stressors that take the biggest toll on decision making
•     Is written by an award-winning organizational psychologist and leadership consultant whose clients
include a roster of Fortune 500 companies


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