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Type and Team Building

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Product Description

2 days

This programme aims to increase participants' knowledge of type, especially in observing team members, and to prepare participants to deliver team building training. A resource folder of materials is provided that includes a variety of exercises suitable for trainers and organisational consultants who do team building, communication or problem solving with teams. 

The Curriculum includes:

  • Team Building, Team analysis using type
  • Overlaying type theory on the Group Stage Model (Forming, Norming, Storming, Performing and Adjourning)
  • How to get commitment, respect and trust
  • How to motivate different types in a team
  • Designing Team Building workshops
  • Cooperative activities to use with teams (team learning activities)
  • How to observe and debrief activities to improve the functioning of the team 

Included in this workshop: Quick Guide to Personality Types and Teams by Linda Berens and a resource folder.

Pre-requisite:  A knowledge of Type theory.   

Presenter:  Mary McGuiness 

In-house programmes are available.                

Please register at least two weeks before the workshop.

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