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MajorsPT- Elements Certification (Step II)

by Mary McGuiness and Mark Majors | April 20, 2021

If you are certified to use the MajorsPTI or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument this is the next step! 

The Majors PT-Elements™ is an online personality assessment tool that is based on Jungian Type theory and the 16 personality types described by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. Developed by Dr Mark Majors, the Majors PT-Elements™ is a 127-item questionnaire that offers valuable information about how a person’s psychological type is expressed. The Majors PT-Elements™ is a departure from the standard personality type instruments. While it does provide the common 16 types personality code, it focuses more on the subscales that reveal the individual differences within personality types.

Jungian psychological type theory says that individuals adapt to environmental influence throughout life. People of the same type may respond differently to certain circumstances and so they will develop individual differences. It is these individual differences that the MajorsPT Elements reports on in its subscale results. The 32 elements (16 subscales) give more detail about how the various mental functions are expressed and used by the individual. As well as the subscale results this instrument provides invaluable information regarding the client’s usage of the eight Jungian functions and any blockages to development of the person.

MajorsPT- Elements Results content:

16  Reported Types                             Looks at Genetics

      (4 dichotomous scales)

32  Elements /16 Subscales                 Looks at Expression

       (individually scored scales)

8   Jungian Mental Functions                Looks at Expression

       (8 Process scores)

10  Personality Formation Scores         Looks at Blockages

       (3 categoriemand 7 sub-categories)


MajorsPTE Reports 

The Majors PT Elements generates two reports:

1.   The Majors PT-Elements™ Detail Report, for the client. 

2.   The Majors PT-Elements™ Professional’s Report, for use by the professional facilitator,                  coach or counselor. This is not given to the client. 


The Majors PT-Elements™ Detail Report – for the client

The Majors PT-Elements™ Detail Report is a clear 15-page report for the client that includes:

  • Personality type (4 letter type code)
  • Results on 32 elements (in 16 subscales) which illuminate personality differences within the dichotomy or type.
  • 7 growth-oriented statements, which include how the client perseveres in the face of challenges and adapts to interpersonal interactions. These statements are designed to help you and your clients understand some of the complex ways that they interact with others and respond to situations. These statements are useful to open up discussion with your client about potential blockages to development.               
  • A brief description of all 16 personality types.
  • Information to facilitate further growth and understanding of the client’s best-fit type. 

Note: This report does not include numeric scores. These scores are included in the professional report.

The Majors PT-Elements™ Professional’s Report – for the professional

 The Majors PT-Elements™ Professional’s Report is a clear two-page summary report designed for the professional facilitator or counsellor. This report is not usually given to the client. Before the client can see the report he/she needs extensive education in Jungian type and the eight functions to ensure that he/she understands the results.

This report includes:

  • Numeric scores and labels for the client’s results on the four-letter code
  • Scores for each element on the type subscales,
  • Personality Formation scores – General Perseverance, Level of Adaptation, Believed ability to succeed. These give the ability to cope in difficult circumstances and the blockages to development.
  • 8-Process scores (8 Jungian functions)… indicating the client’s the ability to use the 8 Jungian functions


MajorsPT Elements Certification Program

On successful completion of ITD's MajorsPTE Certification Program you should be able to use the principles of personality type theory to discuss, present, and interpret the MajorsPT–Elements assessment as a competent, responsible and ethical user, and apply the basic principles of personality type for observing life.   


About Mark Majors, thDeveloper of the MajorsPTI™ and MajorsPT-Elements™

Mark S. Majors ENFP  holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and was introduced to personality type measurement in 1987. He has worked on revisions of the Strong Interest Inventory, the California Psychological Inventory  and FIRO–B.  Mark was a principal data analyst on the MBTI Form M project in the 1990s and a co–author of the MBTI Step II Manual. As Director of Research at the Center for Applications of Psychological Type  (CAPT), he was the initial Director of the MBTI Step III project and worked on the Pearson–Marr Archetype measures and the Klein Group Instrument.

Mark’s current professional activities include: A private counseling practice; Consulting for measurement development; Coaching in business settings and developing the MajorsPTI, the MajorsPT-Elements and other new measures of human experience.

Mark has also been a regular presenter at Type conferences in the USA, Australia and other countries.





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