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MajorsPT- Elements Certification (Step II)

by Mary McGuiness and Mark Majors | April 20, 2021

The Majors PT-Elements™ is a departure from the standard personality type instruments. While it does provide the common 16 types personality code, it also offers valuable information about how a person’s psychological type is expressed. It focuses more on the subscales that reveal the individual differences within personality types.

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Coaching: Using Personality Theory to Improve Performance

by Mary McGuiness | November 4, 2018

Psychological type theory can be used throughout the coaching process to provide self-understanding and appropriate encouragement, and to facilitate decision making that can lead to long term improvement in performance. 

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Intergenerational Connections: Using Temperament and Psychological Type to Address Needs of Clients

by Mary McGuiness | May 31, 2017

 Each generation has a unique perspective shaped by significant events and new technology. Temperament and Type theory can help us to understand how the generational culture influences and even moderates the behaviour and attitudes of individuals.

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